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Yume Japanese Gardens – Tucson, AZ

Yume Japanese Garden - Tucson
Lovely Coy Pond – Yume Gardens

Yume Japanese Gardens

Style and Simplicity - Yume Japanese Gardens
Style and Simplicity – Yume Japanese Gardens

Finding new places is a real passion. Then to see what is there and what has been done or what was, well that is the joy of exploration. So after spotting Yume Japanese Garden in Tucson, I said lets go! After all we are in town and had a morning available to see things in Tucson before roaring off our my next destination that was in New Mexico. Now to find the place was a bit difficult. We were looking for the Japanese Gardens, but found the Tucson Botanical Gardens. We drove up and down the street finally going to the  Tucson Botanical gardens that, unknown to us was two doors north or was it south. Anyway when we asked at the Tucson Botanical Gardens about the Yume Japanese Gardens we got the deer in the headlights look. They did not know about it. Continue reading Yume Japanese Gardens РTucson, AZ