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Steamtown National Historic Site

A real feather in the cap of the National Park Service is Steamtown.

SteamTown Locomotive 2421
Great Locomotives of the Past

Steamtown is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Houses a Fantastic collection of steam engines, a round house, and a staff that’s incredible. They are building and working and building and working on these trains and they have an entire shop of men devoted to the maintenance of steam engines. They are working very hard on an anniversary in 2017 to have the steam engines ready, especially a particular model that is well quite rare. The staff is full of storytellers who will talk your ears off all day long if Continue reading Steamtown National Historic Site

Harriet Tubman – Moses of Her People

Harriet Tubman Live Free or Die
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman - Moses of Her People
Moses of Her People

Harriet Tubman is quite a character, almost unbelievable. The first thing I saw and coming into the place was a tour guide who was wearing a sweatshirt and on the back it said:  
 if you’re tired keep going
if you’re scared keep going
if you’re hungry keep going
if you want to taste freedom Keep going

Harriet Tubman is credited with these words. She helped many people escape from the bonds of slavery, to escape into free states, and to escape into Canada. She had decided that she was going to either have Liberty or death and there was no in between. What a great woman of character. What a great leader of others.  An inspiration throughout her lifetime she had many, many wonderful stories
about who was free  and who was not free.
Continue reading Harriet Tubman – Moses of Her People

Jefferson Memorial

For me, the Jefferson Memorial is the best memorial in Washington, DC.

Jefferson Memorial - Washington D.C.
Jefferson Memorial

The best you say, with so many memorials? Yes the best. I love the design, the placement and the lighting. Some forty years ago when I was working from offices in Maryland I would come to see the memorials and museums in D.C. on weekends. The Jefferson Memorial was always mesmerizing after dark with its lighting, breathtaking indeed. The Jefferson Memorial faces the tidal basin and holds a key position in the flurry of monuments. The Washington towers into the skyline of Washington. The Lincoln Memorial is huge and so

Jefferson Memorial - Washington D.C.
Words to Remember

powerful, yet the Jefferson Memorial continues to be my personal top choice. To see it up close is humbling. To soak up the history of this monument is overwhelming! Thomas Jefferson was the second vice-president of the United States and the third President of The United States. He is credited with doing most of the writing for the Declaration of Independence and the Bill for Rights. He was definitely a prolific publisher.

Be sure to look up George Mason, as he was the key mentor to Jefferson and his writings. Mr. Mason was the man behind the man. He is remarkable and has a small memorial a few hundred yards from the Jefferson Memorial. Mason wrote a Declaration of Rights for Virginia in 1776. This was the framework and basis for our Bill of Rights that is credited to Jefferson. Jefferson has a whole lot of history. He was also the Governor of Virginia too! Be sure to explore everything and Continue reading Jefferson Memorial

George Mason Memorial – A Constitutional Genius

On a recent trip to Washington DC I stumbled upon the George Mason Memorial. Really, while on my way to the Jefferson Memorial, which to me is the most beautiful monument in all of Washington I came upon this circular fountain. The fountain was dry . There is a pergola with a statue of a man sitting.  Naturally I stop and read the plaque. George Mason, I don’t remember him in my history, so I read on.

George Mason – Wisest Man of Our Time

When George Washington calls George Mason ‘the wisest man of our generation’ this gets my attention. When Thomas Jefferson calls George Mason a mentor, the attention level increases. Now I am wondering  why I have not noticed this superhero during the creation of the United States before. How could someone with these incredible credentials be unknown.  I admit my history may not be at a scholarly level, however this man is really important.

Digging deeper one finds that Greoge Mason was the Governor of Virginia. He wrote the Bill of Rights for Virginia, which was a model or framework for the Bill of Rights for the United States. His contributions were at a foundational level for this country.

George Mason was one of three delegates who refused to sign the Declaration of Independence. One was just cantankerous and one refused to sign something that had a possibility of failing. George refused to sign the Declaration of Independence based upon his principles. It seems he wanted the Bill of Rights to be part of the declaration, not something added on later.

The memorial is small and diminutive by comparison to Jefferson’s huge prominence. The George Mason Memorial is tiny compared to the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument is an always visible part of the DC skyline. Interesting, so very interesting that this man should definitely be a part of all historical research. As I gain more insights into the creation of this nation my respect for these leaders grows.


Chavez National Center – Keene California

National Chavez Center - Cesar Chavez
National Chavez Center

The Chavez National Center is tucked away on a small side road of Highway 58 between Tehachapi and Bakersfield. Depending on your generation you may or might not know about Cesar Chavez. Whatever you do know, this Museum and Monument will most certainly be enlightening. It sure was for me.
Cesar Chavez was an incredible organizer. He brought better working conditions to many workers. The elimination of the short hoe to improve posture of the field workers is like an early OSHA.

National Chavez Center - American Hero
Cesar Chavez – An American Hero

The elimination of DDT seems to me to be like an early EPA. The Unionizing brought a livable wage for many. The list goes on and on. The stick to it and keep going spirit of this man is stellar. The grounds and museum are so worthy of a visit. This monument is a valuable addition to California and America. The history of achievements and the class with the execution of those achievements occurred make this man a true icon of history for all. Continue reading Chavez National Center – Keene California

Mission San Miguel Arcángel

Mission San Miguel - National Historic Landmark
Mission San Miguel Arcangel

The Mission San Miguel is more than a national and state historic monument, it is a living piece of history for California. Founded in 1797 by Franciscan Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen its history binds the northern and southern missions in the Salinas Valley. Being only thirty-five miles from the epicenter of the 2003 San Simeon earthquake, Mission San Miguel was closed. It took many years following the earthquake to raise funds and make necessary repairs to the chapel and surrounding buildings. Luckily the repairs are finally done and the San Miguel Mission is ready for visitors, masses, weddings, and so many other events. Inside the church acoustics are incredible, and we always make a point of the midnight mass on Christmas. It is packed and fun! When the Master Chorale sings it is another treat to enjoy the sounds reverberating in the main chapel and dream of all to lovely musical history there must be in thees walls. Outside the main room is a small museum and gift shop. The gift shop always has interesting items so be sure and browse. The grounds that are all representative of the historical nature of the Mission San Miguel. They always make me stop and Continue reading Mission San Miguel Arcángel