Stupid Vacations was  conceived during a brainstorming session on Interstate 15 somewhere between Las Vegas,  Nevada and Barstow, California. It seemed to us that the big amusement parks, national monuments, and high dollar attractions get lots of press (after all they buy it!) and people can spit out the names of the big attractions, parks and monuments instantaneously  due to media influence. Noting the followings of show like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on FoodNetwork.com is seems only fitting that the small museums, parks, memorials and oddities need to have their stories told as well. So with that said, we are out looking for the biggest of the little museums, the greatest of the unknown memorials, the stories of the forgotten, rounding up those places that make one tell a story over and over again. These places make for those stories that are just too much fun. Often they are the bay leaf in the chili. That ingredients come alive during those unforgettable moments of life bring a story that will often be repeated again and again.

These stories and a slightly off kilter point of view bring Stupid Vacations alive. Alive with stories life no others.

Welcome To Stupid Vacations

As Always, Charley Carlin, Editor@stupidvacations.com and Founder Stupid Vacations

P.S. If you have something wonderful and a story that you think needs to be a part of Stupid Vacations (and I know you do) please drop us a note, or better yet, write up a review and take a few pictures and become a guest author. to.

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Charley Carlin

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Charley is an avid locator of those slightly odd and a bit different places in our world. He can be found about the web on his family blog – charley.net,  and his social media guide – Charley Carlin – Social Media Guide  also via Reviews on YELPTrip Advisor, and Google Maps

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    1. Thanks for the look and read! If you liked Yume Japanese Garden, Coming up soon is the newest find in Japanese gardens in of all places, Van Nuys, a suburb of Los Angeles.
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