American Green Cross Society

American Green Cross Society
American Green Cross Monument

The Miss American Green Cross Monument is located in Brand Park in Glendale, California, just to the left of the Brand Park Art Center and Library. There seems to be a constant flow of people past the monument, especially in the early morning and after four o’clock. The Monument is almost a trail head marker for all the walkers, hikers, strollers and joggers. They all seem to stream by with barely a glance at this statue.

The history of the statue has been a bit difficult to unravel,

and the perfect truth may be lost forever the the minds only of those who passed before us. What I have uncovered is that the statue was sculpted about 1926 by Frederick Willard Potter. The Monument was dedicated to The American Green Cross Society  by the Glendale Chapter Number One in 1928 in front of Glendale High School. The American Green Cross promoted conservation of trees and other natural 20150122_160857resources. The Green Cross Movement faded from sight in the 1930’s and the Monument disappeared.  It was rediscovered in a remote part of Brand Park in the 50’s and in 1977 was claimed by the Glendale Historic Preservation Element. After a bit of wrangling about the history of the statue, the materials being used in the restoration, and the size and grandeur of the base, it was the history that somehow prevailed and the restoring artist and the Historic Preservation Commission came to terms. Somehow it was restored and in 1992 was unveiled in its present location. It is a memory of the 1920’s environmental movement that started in Glendale. Many stories that will be told about this monument, and its place in the history of Glendale and the American Green Cross Environmental movement.

American Green Cross Society of Glendale CA
American Green Cross Society – 1928

I wonder what really happened? Who Knows?
We can all speculate for sure.

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