Bronson Caves is the Bat Cave

Bronson Caves – The Original Bat Cave

Bronson Caves - Hollywood Hills
Bronson Caves – Follow Me

Bronson Caves is really easy to find. Especially if you don’t use Google Maps. Just go up the Canyon Drive all the way to the end you’ll see you small parking lot on the left that serves about 15 cars. It also says Hollywood Land Park. As you come up Canyon Drive the signs say Park Road Closed Ahead, pay no attention, to these

Bronson Caves Parking Lot
Bronson Caves – Parking

unless it is the middle of the night.  If you come early and get a spot there then you walk back down Canyon Dr about 50 feet and you will set on the left (west) a dirt road that leads up the hill. Typically that gate is shut to stop cars. You can walk around the gate easily. On this day the gate was open. I thought how odd but I parked and walked up the dirt road anyway. As I continued up the road  I noticed that there were so many fresh tire tracks. It was as if it was a heavily used dirt road. Then there were all

Bronson Caves Road
Road to Bronson Caves

these power cables laying on the ground, thick power cables. And a lot of them. I did not know what this meant . I walked on up the hill not very far, less than a quarter of a mile and around the corner there were lots of trucks. There were lots of things that looked like palm trees on the ground. There was stuff scattered everywhere.  I had found the cave but what were all these people doing here?

Bronson Caves – Hail Caesar

Well I asked somebody and a very friendly man  named Ace told me that they had been shooting a movie here and they were just cleaning up all the stuff and closing down the set. It was a George Clooney movie Hail Caesar that had just been shooting some scenes here.  So I took some pictures of them of the the set or what was left of it. Anyway I walked through the cave and found that from the back of the cave where it comes out there is a  beautiful view of the Hollywood sign and the radio tower. The Hollywood sign is not visible from the front of the cave nor on the walkway up Canyon Dr. But, if you walk out the back of the cave you will find a beautiful view. How interesting the cave is not very long maybe a hundred to a hundred fifty feet, none the less and it is the famous Batcave. That was my original

Bronson Caves is the Bat Cave
Bronson Caves is the Bat Cave

motivation. To  walk up there to say yes I had been to the Batcave. Well I have now completed that mission and one of the beautiful things about exploring new places  is you have to go there. You have to be at the location where it happened. You have to show up. And you never know who or what you’re going to run into. What a lovely experience it was for me today. Hope you’re so lucky when you go to the Bronson Caves. Check out the filmography on Wikipedia and you will find a very long list of shows and movies shot at this location, called arguably one of the most used movies sets in Los Angeles.

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