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California African American Museum

The California African American Museum is drop dead unbelievable. The quality of the art is world class. The spacious open feeling of the lobby is fabulous. The quality of the presentation of the art in each of the four galleries is fabulous.  Now most people who come down to the Los Angeles Coliseum are on their way to the California Science Center – Los Angeles CA to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor or the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Well both are excellent museums for sure. but catch this, as you enter the parking lot for the California Science Museum, you can see an SR-71 Blackbird. Behind the Blackbird is The California African American Museum. Many people never even notice that it is there. Well in is and it fabulous. The galleries will change periodically, so the art I will describe might have been changed. So, let me tell you about the galleries on one of my visits.The the first one called Visibly Invisible is just a knock out. It is all about albinism in Tanzania and in Jamaica and to a lesser degree in the United States. The people are albino-bustdiscriminated against because they are albino. It is gripping touching and incredibly informative. The prejudice and literal hacking away of body parts for sale to witch doctors is beyond shocking to learn that this is happening on earth today. Beyond words for sure.
The next gallery Curvature: Lines and Shapes is a quite interesting style. Several of my artist friends I would like to come see this one.  I curves1will be encouraging them to this location as soon as possible. The art is a bit abstract here for me, but of great quality. I enjoyed it very much.
The next gallery show was titled Lookin’ Back In Front Of Me had selected pieces of art from the works of Mark Steven Greenfield. He was a director of the Watts Towers Museum Arts Center. As a supporter of the arts and local artists for decades, hislookingback range of work is eye opening and wonderful.  The next gallery had even more incredible history and art of Los Angeles. All I can say at this time is that I was overwhelmed at the quality at the California African American Museum and the art therein.
Oh yes. It’s free. Triple WOW.

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