Center for Disease Control Museum

As many of you know by now I love to find, explore and enjoy odd little museums. Well the Center for Disease Control Museum in Atlanta is one that could take the cake.  The staff or the CDC and it’s history is amazing. The many wonderful things this group has done to improve our planet await you inside. The diseases they have stopped. The places they have gone and the circumstances they have faced will humble most. It would be unthinkable for me to approach problems of this type. They discover, understand and come up with plans to cure and stop disease, pandemics, and epidemics! They stopped polio,  they stopped smallpox,  they stopped diseases that were previously unknown and more.  Immunologists, doctors and medical scientist’s work is chronicled here in this small museum that has had such a big impact on our planet.

Disease Control Museum Entry Requirements

When you arrive at the security checkpoint do not take pictures. I took a picture outside and the guard came over and made sure I deleted the picture. I giggled and said there are pictures of the building on Google. The guard smiled and agreed about the rules, but a shrug us about the best he could muster. Rules are rules and security enforces them. The security guard will tell you all about where you can and cannot take pictures. Take your camera into the museum and click away, however none can be taken outside the museum. If you have any outstanding warrants or are a terrorist you might not want to visit this museum. You should have a valid insurance card for your car and of course a current picture ID.  The guards will require all this to get in. I think it’s worth it. I think these guys and gals have done things that from my point of view are incredibly brave and heroic. Scientists and technicians have made many gutsy moves. These guys fix it all from anthrax to ebola and more.

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