General Sherman Tree

The General Sherman Tree, listed as the largest living thing on earth, makes it a must see on everyone’s bucket list. Well it is impressive, and the tree definitely has pull for visitors. It is Located in Sequoia National Park above Visailia and east of Fresno, it is easy to find. A winding road is definitely worth the drive. To visit the tree there are two options.

General Sherman - World's Largest
General Sherman – Just Ahead

I like to think of the options as the easy way and the harder way. As the elevation is nearing 7,000 foot, oxygen is short, and for city dwellers, even short walks can be difficult. For those who are sedentary, pay attention, and you will be happier on your trip.

General Sherman – The Harder Way

General Sherman Tree - Largest Living Organism
World’s Largest Living Tree – General Sherman

– For the walkers – The longer way is to go to the Sherman Tree main trail and parking. Sounds like
the right thing to do doesn’t it? This will lead you to a what they say is a half mile trail to the Sherman Tree. It is down hill to the tree, and I think it is a lot longer than a half mile down to the tree. It is then about 3 miles back up the exact same trail to the parking lot. Up hill with lots of steps and at over 6,000 foot elevation, this will be very difficult for those unaccustomed to altitude. For the Hikers, it will be a short jaunt.

General Sherman – The Easy Way

Go to the Giant Forest Museum and park across the street. Enjoy the museum for a bit and then take the shuttle bus to the Grant Tree easy accessible trail. The bus stops at the Wheel Chair accessible trail. Don’t be alarmed, You don’t need a wheel chair to get off here. When you exit the bus there are rest rooms, if needed. Now walk to the left and go through the walk through fallen tree and follow the path to the General Sherman tree. It is close by and within a couple hundred yards. If you think you have walked too far ask!

Taking the Sherman Trail will lead you on the LONG uphill that goes to the parking lot above, and not the tree. Anyway the tree, the sign, the line of people waiting patiently for a chance to clic a pic at the base of the tree, some benches to take in the awe, and a short walk back to the shuttle to get back to the museum and your car.
Bring water and snacks or a picnic and enjoy the Big Tree – The General Sherman Tree.