Glenwood Canyon Colorado

Glenwood Canyon and the Colorado River
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Glenwood Canyon Colorado
Beauty Both Ways

Glenwood Canyon is 150 miles west of Denver at the corner of the Colorado River and Roaring Fork River.. It is one of the great beauties of the Interstate 70. Glenwood Canyon is for most people a driving experience. If it is for you then you want to be in the riders seat, preferably in a convertible, to soak up the beauty without craning your neck. The cliffs, the trees, the river, the colors, the contrasts and the jaw dropping engineering make this an incredible road from every angle. There are a couple of rest areas along the way. I suggest you stop in both and enjoy the views for a bit. I feel honored every time I get the opportunity to transit this area. When you get to Glenwood Springs you might stop (we loved The Pullman) and digest the scenery over lunch. This road was given 1993 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers. This award and 30 others are grand recognition of the fantastic job done by the Colorado Department of Transportation. The big deal is to cut the road through the canyon and balance road building and protection of the scenery. The canyon was barely wide enough for the two lanes originally, so the masters of engineering had quite a challenge. The task of minimizing the cuts and fills of a road is especially important with a resource as beautiful and unique as Glenwood Canyon. The tunnel is another part of the trip, that really squeezes the road through this narrow canyon.cliffs

Personally I have managed to get passage through the canyon in spring and fall. With the ski resorts in Silverthorne and other areas, I am sure, particularly as a major interstate, that it is well plowed in the winter. With the lovely cliffs that it must be a stunning beauty in the winter too!