Harriet Tubman – Moses of Her People

Harriet Tubman Live Free or Die
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman - Moses of Her People
Moses of Her People

Harriet Tubman is quite a character, almost unbelievable. The first thing I saw and coming into the place was a tour guide who was wearing a sweatshirt and on the back it said:  
 if you’re tired keep going
if you’re scared keep going
if you’re hungry keep going
if you want to taste freedom Keep going

Harriet Tubman is credited with these words. She helped many people escape from the bonds of slavery, to escape into free states, and to escape into Canada. She had decided that she was going to either have Liberty or death and there was no in between. What a great woman of character. What a great leader of others.  An inspiration throughout her lifetime she had many, many wonderful stories
about who was free  and who was not free.

Harriet Tubman – A True Hero

What are theses papers and what do they really mean? How you could try and get from Maryland to Pennsylvania because Maryland was still a slave state and Pennsylvania was a free state.  Then there were slave exit laws that said if you helped anybody you could be fined

Harriet Tubman House
Harriet Tubman Home

$1,000 and put in jail for 6 months. So some of the stories, tricks, and twists of getting people down the road and into a free state or getting them to Canada for a free country are more than  just marvelous stories. They are stories of people’s lives.  The Diaries put it on the line at an even greater depth.  This is a very interesting piece of our history. You will find a huge timeline of some big events, which reveal more aspects of slavery.

Slavery around the world

Britain stopped having slaves, do you know when? Slave trafficking was made illegal: do you know when? Different black associations were formed to help the situation. Getting people moving into the next century, to help people respect each other as human beings,  these stories of Tubman and of Tubman’s  actions are  deeds of activism that must never be lost. They must always be remembered. They must be branded into the minds of the young that this will never be forgotten but even better that it will always be remembered in the great light that it was intended.emancipation