Jolly Green Giant

Well I guess I’ve been waiting my whole life to finally meet the Jolly Green Giant.

Jolly Green Giant - Blue Earth Minnesota
The Jolly Green Giant

And now it’s a done deal. What fun to find this Roadside Attraction of a 55 foot tall Jolly Green Giant.

He’s definitely jolly, and definitely green, and a giant for sure.

A must stop for the laughs and giggles and one more thing a good friend actually added to his bucket list. Now that is some food for thought. Frozen food for sure.  Too funny.

Cool Factoids

Jolly Green Giant - Cool Factoids
Cool Factoids

This Giant is over 50 feet tall and has been waiting for you to visit him since 1979. There is also a Giant Food Museum that I have yet to explore. Oh so many places at to visit and they are so spread out across the country. What fun!

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