Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial - The Capitol's Finest
Lincoln Memorial – DC

The Lincoln Memorial is, in my opinion, the cornerstone of all monuments in Washington DC. Now that may be quite a claim, but history backs it up very well. I am sure there are many opinions and scholars would debate the point, so what I say! This Memorial is huge. This  Memorial is Stunning. The Lincoln Memorial is very impressive. When you are there be sure to read and consider deeply all the remembrances carved in stone into the walls inside. Note the names of all the states carved around the top on the outside. Look back across the reflecting pond and think of the foresight in placing this monument in this beautiful location and enjoy the surrounding area aside to preserve our memories. After considering all the incredible actions taken by Mr. Lincoln to bring our country forward, well, it is all very humbling indeed.

Lincoln Memorial - World Class Monument
Lincoln Memorial

After enjoying the monument, take time to squeeze into the very small gift shop that houses so many things about Lincoln. Books Posters, Quotes, and much more. I wish I could read all the books and absorb this history. I get overwhelmed at the thought of all this history flowing over me like an avalanche!