Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Tour

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Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Tour is a must see for all baseball fans. What fun! These guys have had the professional baseball bat market covered for over 100 years. The tour is informative for all, and incredible for a baseball fan. No pictures are allowed inside the factory, (some union issue) so you will have go there to see it! The Factory Tour take you from a tree to a finished bat, including how it was done then and how it is done now. The tour guide was oh so very helpful and informative. And as an added bonus at the end of the tour you receive a mini-Louisville Slugger bat as a souvenir.

Louisville Slugger Museum Factory Tour
From Tree to Bat on the Tour

There is a movie theatre with a show on the history of the Louisville Slugger and all the batting heroes of baseball’s past. It is a nice diversion and quite enlightening. Around the facility there are many photo opportunities with murals and statutes as backdrops to make some nice memories. The wall of signatures is sure to please baseball fanatics. The Very nice facility, happy workers, a nice theatre make for a wonderful experience. If you want to test your skill with a big league 90 mile per hour fastball, the batting cages are available with a Louisville Slugger – of course!.

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TOPPS Collectible Displays

Now as if that was not enough, there is a TOPPS collectible card display, with TOPPS cards for baseball, TOPPS cards for TV, TOPPS Cards for Sci Fi and more. Every collector in the family will be in heaven. There is really something for everyone.

So now it is off to the gift store with all the usual sports paraphernalia. There are hats, and bats, and shirts, and more. Additionally one has the ability to get commemorative bats. These custom bats can be used to recall special events like championships, or to create new events for your company or family. That is a really special gift for the sports collectors.

World’s Largest Louisville Slugger

World's Largest Bat - StupidVacations.com
World’s Largest Bat

A highly visible and very distinctive ornament at the front door to the museum is the Worlds Largest Louisville Slugger Bat. The bat weighs in at 68,000 pounds and is an amazing 120 feet tall. It is a place for much needed selfie, however catching the entire bat is you camera will take some top notch photographic skills.

The Louisville Museum and Factory Tour is an eye opening look into the bat we have been watching all our lives. So it is well worth the visit if you are in Louisville. It is way too cool.