Mission San Antonio de Padua

Mission San Antonio - Jolon - CA
Mission San Antonio

Mission San Antonio de Padua is another old mission you might say. Well yes it is, but it is so much more. Our history is made of old things, old places and old stories. This place is full of stories and so full of history. The yarns that are spun and the truth that is told blend into a rich tapestry of early California with more characters that a grade school play.
Father Serra founded this mission. It is one of the nine that he founded, this one here in 1771.

There are 21 missions in total.

Mission San Antonio - Central Patio
Huge Central Patio

Although rather stark outside the mission grounds are very well kept and clean.
Protection from the invasion of the wild critters in the surrounding area makes the central patio oh so cozy, with healthy plant life and fruit during the right time of year.

The faithful always find something in the gift shop and historical material abounds as well! The museum is well kept and so interesting. An overnight stay at the church will enable first hand enjoyment of the incredibly clear skies and possibly howling coyotes! Praying in the chapel, which was built of 200 years ago, brings history into sharp focus. The drive give great view of these wide open spaces in addition to frequent wildlife sightings.

Mission San Antonio – Mission Days

Mission Days - Mission San Antonio
Authentic Costumes and Music

Mission Days at the San Antonio Mission is the biggest event of the year with authentic period music and dancing, historical story telling and choral music that is top quality. Finally get a program for this event from their website so you don’t miss any noteworthy events. Look for the event in early April every year. Come early and stay late!

NO. 232 MISSION SAN ANTONIO DE PADUA – Mission San Antonio de Padua, established on July 14, 1771, was the third in a series of missions founded in Alta California by Father Junípero Serra. Its picturesque setting in the valley of the San Antonio River within the Santa Lucia Range makes it one of today’s most outstanding examples of early mission life.
Location: Take Jolon Rd 26.5 mi from Hwy 101, to Hunter-Ligget Military Reservation, 23 mi W of King City. Plaque located at Hwy 101 & Jolon Rd on W. side

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