Mission San Miguel Arcángel

Mission San Miguel - National Historic Landmark
Mission San Miguel Arcangel

The Mission San Miguel is more than a national and state historic monument, it is a living piece of history for California. Founded in 1797 by Franciscan Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen its history binds the northern and southern missions in the Salinas Valley. Being only thirty-five miles from the epicenter of the 2003 San Simeon earthquake, Mission San Miguel was closed. It took many years following the earthquake to raise funds and make necessary repairs to the chapel and surrounding buildings. Luckily the repairs are finally done and the San Miguel Mission is ready for visitors, masses, weddings, and so many other events. Inside the church acoustics are incredible, and we always make a point of the midnight mass on Christmas. It is packed and fun! When the Master Chorale sings it is another treat to enjoy the sounds reverberating in the main chapel and dream of all to lovely musical history there must be in thees walls. Outside the main room is a small museum and gift shop. The gift shop always has interesting items so be sure and browse. The grounds that are all representative of the historical nature of the Mission San Miguel. They always make me stop and reflect on the thousands of souls that have graced the presence of this truly historic site. Be sure to also enter the Graveyard on the north side for a few more tidbits if history. The Statue in the lawn area on the south side is another meditative location to pause and pray.

Mission San Miguel is a National Treasure

Enjoy this local treasure and additionally, if it is open the Rios Caledonia Adobe is just south on the oppsite side of the street. The photographic opportunities are endless so be sure to explore all the grounds as there are still angles to be captured and make your memories of your visit so much more memorable.
There are restrooms available and they are always clean.
Mission San Miguel awaits patiently for your visit.


This site was selected because of the great number of Salinan Indians that lived in the vicinity. Fray Fermín Francisco de Lasuén, OFM, second president of the California missions, founded San Miguel Arcángel on July 25, 1797. The 16th in a chain of 21 Franciscan missions, it influenced not only the native population, but the history of California as a whole.
Location: SW corner of Mission St and San Luis Obispo Rd, San Miguel

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