New England Carousel Museum

While doing a job near Hartford I came across the New England Carousel Museum via the great

Ne England
New England Carousel Museum

Carousel near the Bushnell Park. What a beautiful old Carousel, and it happened to be on its 100th birthday. The animals on the carousel were so beautiful and well maintained. Apparently the know about carousel animals because

the New England Carousel Museum then came to my attention. How lucky to find this small museum, by some standards, a medium sized museum by others, however for me it was just right. It is focused on the carousel animals and of course the history of the carousel. This museum has a shop to repair and also to create the animals that live on those carousels.

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Carousel Stallions

The space is beautifully decorated and keeps a wonderful sampling of carousel animals. There is a small working carousel for children and a party room to bring a birthdays that something special.  So colorful and playful even adults will want to have a party here. Now add to this a master carver who can create new animals, and repair aging animals and you have something really special. It turns out that animals needing repair are shipped here and the craftsmen repair and return them. Wow! There are animals in the process of construction so one can experience the process of creation. There is a small collection of antique miniature carousels that is fascinating. So, if

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Beautiful Carvings

you are ever in the Bristol / Hartford area be sure make this on of your stops. This place brings out the child in everyone. Oh yes and did I say the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. They also give wonderful personalized tours too.  I can hear the tunes now from the carousel, and see the smiling, giggling children and more. Let’s all take a child to a carousel near you. Always a trip to remember.

Located in Bristol, Connecticut The New England Carousel Museum is next to the Museum of Fire History