Stupid Vacations - This must be his personal coffin

Dalton Stevens is The Button King

Stupid Vacations – Where you really wanted to go! Whether it is a button collector in the Carolinas, a rock in the shape of a frog, or the original Bat Cave, there are so many places on just might drive past that are so much fun and oh so interesting. Well the good news is there are places all over the country and the world that might or might not be worth visiting. Here at Stupid Vacations we collect those odd tidbits just for you.

Stupid Vacations - Bronson Caves is the Bat Cave

Bronson Caves is the Bat Cave

It is really too much fun. These places can take you on a journey that may turn out to be the story that gets told over and over. Whenever I find my self talking about some place I have visited, telling it over and over, that is the place I want to include in Stupid Vacations.

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Here in the news section I will even list some places that are on the yet to be explored list and maybe, just maybe, you can help with a review, a picture or some background information that brings a place to life.

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