Old Mission San Juan Bautista

Mission San Juan Bautista - San Juan Bautista
Mission San Juan Bautista
Mission San Juan Bautista - Full Frontal
The Mission in Splendor

Old Mission San Juan Bautista is like a big time machine to an era long gone. The grounds are set off very well due to the adobe fence all around that keeps the cars out! now with that said the buildings that are around the mission are set to be of the same era of the mission. This too adds to the charm. Now the museum has been rebuilt   due to earthquakes. however it still maintains a wonderful feeling. The Museum is a look at the tools and the life that was in the past on the grounds and the model of the church in its hey day is eye opening.
My favorite was the gardens that are inside the compound and the many types of flowers and some of the cactus are so old! Wow I was so impressed. Well .. if you want to add another

Mission San Juan Bautista Gardens
The Gardens

mission tour to your been there done that list, then this one is a good call. The missions of California are a real set of
historical gems. Visit All the Missions – Collect the whole set!


– Founded June 24,1790, Mission San Juan Bautista, partly destroyed by the earthquakes of 1800 and 1906, was repeatedly restored.

Mission San Juan Bautista Chapel
The Chapel

The two bells it now uses were salvaged from its original chime. The plaza on its south, surrounded by old adobes, has witnessed many historic scenes, including General Frémont’s activities in 1846.
Location: 2nd and Mariposa Sts, San Juan Bautista

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