Point Pinos Lighthouse

The Point Pinos Lighthouse is a real inspiration. Monterey is always a joy to visit with the cool

Point Pinos Lighthouse - Monterey - California

Point Pinos Lighthouse

temperatures, the ocean breezes, the friendly people, the aquarium, and so much more. Having been in continuous operation since 1855, it is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the west coast, and the docents will repeat this factoid several times, for anyone who will listen. The oldest lighthouse is on Alcatraz island in the San Francisco Bay. It is no longer operating and was originally lit up a few months before the Point Pinos Lighthouse. The lighthouse is open for tours in the afternoons from 1 to 4. The volunteers seem to really love their jobs.
The Point Pinos Lighthouse is situated on the tip of the Monterey Peninsula between three fairways. It is back from the coast a couple hundred yards in a small house with a giant light on

Point Pinos Lighthouse - Monterey, California

Beautiful Views

the steeple, or whatever you call the part with the big rotating light. The history of the types of light sources, the notes of the keepers, the reports of the issues during the war, make this a very historically informative stop. Whether you are being self guided or docent toured, there is so much information on the walls and in the stories to make this an extremely informative, eye opening adventure. I really enjoyed my stop and it takes some time to read and absorb the wall postings. I also enjoyed

Point Pinos Lighthouse - Monterey California

December 21st, 1941

sitting on the second floor and just watching the waves crashing on the rocks, and speculating about watching for ships over the decades. This well preserved site give a glimpse into an era,

Point Pinos Lighthouse - Monterey, California

Perfect Wooden Counters

or even a group of eras unknown or never contemplated by most of us. For any history buff it is a must. For the curious it is a Pandora’s box and for everyone it is a great story and a view.

The Point Pinos Lighthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places.