Rios Caledonia Adobe – Templeton CA

The Rios Caledonia Adobe was built in 1846. It was a stage stop and a hotel on the route from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Rios Caledonia Adobe - San Miguel
1968 – Before Restoration

Over time things changed, the trains came and finally of course the roads. In 1968 the building was almost totally dissolved by weather.

Today, due to some hard work and steady efforts by the Friends of The Adobes. Rios Caledonia is well maintained and now a restored piece of history for San Luis Obispo County.

Rios Caledonia Adobe - San Miguel - Calofirnia
Caledonia Days Every September

Over the decades the the Rios Caledonia Adobe has been a residence for various families, a stagecoach stop, a tavern, a hotel, a mattress factory, and a tailor shop. 

After sliding into grave disrepair in the 1960’s the building was purchased by the County of San Luis Obispo.  The Friends of the Adobe  was formed to protect, repair and restore Rios Caledonia. Major restoration was completed in 1972 and the Adobe was opened to the public for tours in 1978.  A gift shop is also in the Adobe.

Following local earthquakes, upgrades were required and installed to keep the living history of the adobe alive. Cleaned and dusted the adobe is a peek into a world we can only imagine today. This is early San Luis Obispo County. There are photos to document the incredible work that the  Friends of the Adobes have lovingly, even painstakingly,  done to return Rios Caledonia to its former glory.

Mammoth Tusk - Rios Caledonia Adobe - San Miguel
Mammoth Tusk Found Locally

The mammoth tusk on the second floor that was found in Templeton is a real treat. To think that a local farmer stumbled upon this gem reveals an extreme  bit of history for the area.

Remember Caledonia Days in Late September.

A nice day to show off the best of Rios Caledonia Adobe.

Oh yes – clean nice restrooms and shaded picnic tables. If you are passing through stop for a bit and enjoy. And you can also visit the Mission San Miguel across the street. The mission and the adobe are free. Your donations combined with the work of the Friends of the Adobes keep history alive, so please be generous.

NO. 936 RIOS CALEDONIA ADOBE – This imposing building is an excellent example of California’s Mexican-era architecture. With Indian labor, Petronilo Ríos built the two-story adobe about 1846 as his residence and the headquarters for his sheep and cattle operations. Named ‘Caledonia’ in the 1860s, it served as a hotel and stop on the stage route between Los Angeles and San Francisco until 1886. Restoration was begun in 1968 by the Friends of the Adobes.
Location: 700 Mission St, San Miguel