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Harvey House - Barstow

Harvey House – Barstow, California


Harvey House - Stupid Vacations

Harvey House – Barstow

Having seen the sign Harvey House on the California State Historical Signs for years, even decades, as I would drive between southern California and Las Vegas, I decided today was the day to investigate. What is Harvey House and why is it a California State Historical Landmark? The Harvey House is at the Barstow Amtrack Station. It is a relic of a time gon by. There were over 80 Harvey Houses between Chicago and Los Angeles. They were train stops to allow travelers a place to sleep and something to eat. In the early days of train travel there were no sleeper or diner cars. The

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Water and Wood Powered

Trains could stop and get water for the steam engine, wood or coal for the engine, and allow travelers a chance to get a hot meal, during a short stop, or a nights rest during a longer stop. The Harvey House in Barstow was built in 1885, and rebuilt in 1906 following a fire. This particular Harvey House is also called Casa del Deseirto. Once with a very long and curving lunch counter, all that remains of the counter is Continue reading