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Chavez National Center – Keene California

National Chavez Center - Cesar Chavez
National Chavez Center

The Chavez National Center is tucked away on a small side road of Highway 58 between Tehachapi and Bakersfield. Depending on your generation you may or might not know about Cesar Chavez. Whatever you do know, this Museum and Monument will most certainly be enlightening. It sure was for me.
Cesar Chavez was an incredible organizer. He brought better working conditions to many workers. The elimination of the short hoe to improve posture of the field workers is like an early OSHA.

National Chavez Center - American Hero
Cesar Chavez – An American Hero

The elimination of DDT seems to me to be like an early EPA. The Unionizing brought a livable wage for many. The list goes on and on. The stick to it and keep going spirit of this man is stellar. The grounds and museum are so worthy of a visit. This monument is a valuable addition to California and America. The history of achievements and the class with the execution of those achievements occurred make this man a true icon of history for all. Continue reading Chavez National Center – Keene California