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The Portal of the Folded Wings

The Portal of the Folded Wings Memorial is located inside a very large cemetery. When you come into the cemetery you must enter from Victory Boulevard and it is quite a long drive around to the far, what I would call, north east corner. It is a beautiful monument that was built about 1925 and was built to represent 14 fallen historical aviators of the era. There are monuments for each of them with their titles. their history, and what’s unique about each one to be honored in such a beautiful Memorial. The accompanying photographs will display this beautiful memorial,  from a what I would call a deco era. It is meant to include all aviators and in front of it has been added a replica of the Columbia space shuttle maybe a one-eighth scale I don’t know  as the real shuttle is pretty big. It is a tribute to the fallen aviators of that tragic event in 2003. I love the drive up to the monument surrounded by pine trees on each side completely covering the roadway. It reminds me of a main street in the town where I grew up. Just thinking of the bravery of some of these early aviators, some of the things they were willing to fly and test is mind boggling.  This gives us memories looking into their works as they contributed to flight as we have it today. Wow do we have flight today? You bet! Hundreds of thousands of people moving every day all over the planet. Aviation and one part of its history is here at the Portal of The Folded Wing Memorial

The Chandelier Tree

Bring Coins to Donate
Chandeleir Tree - Stupid Vacations
On a little side street in Silver Lake
Chandelier Tree - Stupid Vacations
Fun Lights – Enjoyed by the whole neighborhood

So I was in the San Fernando Valley and I had stopped in Griffith Park to figure out what I was going to do next on this fine afternoon. I really didn’t have a plan but I knew I wanted to see something. So I looked up land marks on my trusty smartphone and presto the chandelier tree was only 2 miles away. Well I’m going to see this I said. I don’t have a clue as to what it is, but I will find out! I drove to where the chandelier tree and found it was on a side street off Los Feliz. It was on the corner of a dead end side street. I went up the street turned around came back and parked in the red zone right next to the chandelier tree. It was interesting a big sycamore tree with lots and lots of chandeliers gracing the branches. As it was daytime so the chandeliers weren’t lit up just yet. The is a little parking meter in front of the tree. It is an ornate parking meter for sure. The parking meter said donations. I’m sure this guy is using the donations to pay for his electricity so I dropped a few coins immediately. Wow what an interesting idea! Well as I looked up and and there was a man sitting on the porch he said howdy I said howdy and we chatted a little.  Yes it was his house his name was Adam Tenenbaum. He put the tree up about 7 years ago and it’s been a local hit. We chatted about some other things and he said well in about 20 minutes I’ll turn it on turn on the lights for you and I said that’d be great I said it’ll make you a much better picture because I’m going to put the stuff on Stupidvacations.com.  Without asking, Adam went in and turned on the lights. I took a few more pictures I thanked him, and went on my way. Have you seen it the chandelier tree? if you live in Los Angeles and you are in the area come by in the evening and see it when its lit. See more about the Chandelier Tree on his website.What an interesting little oddity right here brought to you by StupidVacations.com learn More of the Chandelier Tree on Adam’s website  for The Chandelier Tree.

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California African American Museum

The California African American Museum is drop dead unbelievable. The quality of the art is world class. The spacious open feeling of the lobby is fabulous. The quality of the presentation of the art in each of the four galleries is fabulous.  Now most people who come down to the Los Angeles Coliseum are on their way to the California Science Center – Los Angeles CA to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor or the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Well both are excellent museums for sure. but catch this, as you enter the parking lot for the California Science Museum, you can see an SR-71 Blackbird. Behind the Blackbird is The California African American Museum. Many people never even notice that it is there. Well in is and it fabulous. The galleries will change periodically, so the art I will describe might have been changed. So, let me tell you about the galleries on one of my visits.The the first one called Visibly Invisible is just a knock out. It is all about albinism in Tanzania and in Jamaica and to a lesser degree in the United States. The people are albino-bustdiscriminated against because they are albino. It is gripping touching and incredibly informative. The prejudice and literal hacking away of body parts for sale to witch doctors is beyond shocking to learn that this is happening on earth today. Beyond words for sure.
The next gallery Curvature: Lines and Shapes is a quite interesting style. Several of my artist friends I would like to come see this one.  I curves1will be encouraging them to this location as soon as possible. The art is a bit abstract here for me, but of great quality. I enjoyed it very much.
The next gallery show was titled Lookin’ Back In Front Of Me had selected pieces of art from the works of Mark Steven Greenfield. He was a director of the Watts Towers Museum Arts Center. As a supporter of the arts and local artists for decades, hislookingback range of work is eye opening and wonderful.  The next gallery had even more incredible history and art of Los Angeles. All I can say at this time is that I was overwhelmed at the quality at the California African American Museum and the art therein.
Oh yes. It’s free. Triple WOW.

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Great Wall of Los Angeles – Worlds Longest Mural

The Great Wall of Los Angeles is a great treasure of history. Having grown up on the Los Angeles freeways during the 60’s it is easy to think that one knows his way around. Well Los Angeles is a big place and new beauty is being created regularly. This mural is an incredible collaboration of hundreds of artists that portrays an ethnic view of history bringing into sharp focus many signifigant historical events. I will speculate that many of these events are unknown to the current generation. Anyone who knows the history of all of these events is certainly a scholar of Los Angeles history. Here are a few frames from the Great Wall of Los Angeles with a few historical tidbits. Click any of the images for a larger version.

Great Wall of Los Angeles - Dunbar Hotel
Dunbar Hotel – Hot Spot in the 20s

Dunbar Hotel –  1930s – This Hotel was the center of African American culture in Los Angeles. All the Jazz  and big band names of the era performed here. This included Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, Lena Horne and many more. When this hotel opened it hosted the first national convention of the national Association Continue reading Great Wall of Los Angeles – Worlds Longest Mural

American Green Cross Society

American Green Cross Society
American Green Cross Monument

The Miss American Green Cross Monument is located in Brand Park in Glendale, California, just to the left of the Brand Park Art Center and Library. There seems to be a constant flow of people past the monument, especially in the early morning and after four o’clock. The Monument is almost a trail head marker for all the walkers, hikers, strollers and joggers. They all seem to stream by with barely a glance at this statue.

The history of the statue has been a bit difficult to unravel, Continue reading American Green Cross Society

Bronson Caves – The Original Bat Cave

Bronson Caves - Hollywood Hills
Bronson Caves – Follow Me

Bronson Caves is really easy to find. Especially if you don’t use Google Maps. Just go up the Canyon Drive all the way to the end you’ll see you small parking lot on the left that serves about 15 cars. It also says Hollywood Land Park. As you come up Canyon Drive the signs say Park Road Closed Ahead, pay no attention, to these

Bronson Caves Parking Lot
Bronson Caves – Parking

unless it is the middle of the night.  If you come early and get a spot there then you walk back down Canyon Dr about 50 feet and you will set on the left (west) a dirt road that leads up the hill. Typically that gate is shut to stop cars. You can walk around the gate easily. On this day the gate was open. I thought how odd but I parked and walked up the dirt road anyway. As I continued up the road Continue reading Bronson Caves – The Original Bat Cave