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American Windmill Museum

American Windmill by Charley CarlinThe American Windmill Museum is a real gem here. I had no idea such a museum existed and this one is really super. On the grounds which looks to me to be somewhere around 25 or 30 acres there are windmills everywhere old to new all over the place. One might think oh that’s nice then move on and miss the whole shooting match. The building is huge there are two of them there are hundreds of different windmills on display, complete with stories of operation time periods and where they were used. It’s quite eye-opening to see all the things that have happened in the history of the windmill.

I was amused by the small windmills that were used in the 20’s 30’s and 40’s to run your radio when you’re out in the middle of nowhere on the Prairie. Thence you could hear what was on the radio. Cool!

Now in addition to all these windmills there is something I’ve never seen before which is a collection of millstones. Yes the stones that were used to grind grain and coffee and chocolate and bunches of other things including animal feed and who knows what all else. Someone collected all these and saved them and gave them to this Museum.  That is another complete mini-museum.

Now add on to this huge huge model train layout and beautiful miniaturization around the train. Well that’s enough to amuse any child or adult.. And to make sure nobody’s left out on the other side is a collection of Miniatures not dollhouses but just miniature houses that describe many things from the past it’s Charming it’s well done it’s worth the stop it’s a fabulous Museum I would give it six stars but 5 is the limit here.