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Miracles are here – The Shrine of the Infant Baby Jesus

Infant Jesus Shrine - Hurley New Mexico

Infant Jesus Catholic Church – Hurley, New Mexico


Sanctuary and Gift shop too – Hurley New Mexico

When in the Southwest and in the southwestern part of New Mexico there are so many wide spots in the road to choose from. Hurley is one such wide spot in the road. When coming from Silver City, New Mexico traveling down the 180 towards Deming, if you get off the 180 in North Hurley and take North Hurley Road into Hurley, one can witness a town that time, history, and the economy have left behind. It looks pretty run down and time has not been kind. The town of Hurley is exactly 640 acres. Interesting as 640 acres is exactly one square mile. It seemed to me as if the mining company set aside one square mile or one section of land for the town. Note on the map the city is almost square.  As a side note around Hurley were several locations  for shooting scenes of the 2013 move Lone Ranger. A very minimal claim to fame. Now, you may ask ‘Charley what are you doing here?’ That is a good question. With relatives in Silver City, the world’s best chiles in Hatch, New Mexico and an excellent chili roaster in Hurley, I end up on the 180 several times a year. Lets face it – I love side roads, great chiles, and Continue reading