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Harriet Tubman – Moses of Her People

Harriet Tubman Live Free or Die
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman - Moses of Her People
Moses of Her People

Harriet Tubman is quite a character, almost unbelievable. The first thing I saw and coming into the place was a tour guide who was wearing a sweatshirt and on the back it said:  
 if you’re tired keep going
if you’re scared keep going
if you’re hungry keep going
if you want to taste freedom Keep going

Harriet Tubman is credited with these words. She helped many people escape from the bonds of slavery, to escape into free states, and to escape into Canada. She had decided that she was going to either have Liberty or death and there was no in between. What a great woman of character. What a great leader of others.  An inspiration throughout her lifetime she had many, many wonderful stories
about who was free  and who was not free.
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Fork In the Road

The Fork in the Road
After leaving Springfield, Massachusetts, I was on the way to Hyde Park, New

Fork In the Road - Rhinebeck - New York
Fork in The Road

York. I was enjoying the drive on my way to see the Franklin Delano Roosevelt home and library. It is a National Historic Site and every time something says National this that or the other, I want to go. So I come over a little hill and down towards the Hudson River and my GPS says slight left. I comply, and there it is! The comic I have seen before, many decades age, in full splendor. At the fork in the road, there is a giant Fork In The Road.

Fork In The Road - Punny Sculpture
Punny Sculpture

Well this must be added to Stupid Vacations as this piece of art needs its story to be told. I don’t know the whole story, but here is what I do know. The sculpture is about 16 feet tall, maybe taller and has the sign Fork In the Road on the front. The reverse shows their humor, calling it a punny sculpture. It was a fun short stop in a definite ink spot in my traveling that surely brings a smile about this place to remember. I am going to proclaim it the largest fork in my world. I just love these oddities. Find this one in Rhinebeck, New York.

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