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Steamtown National Historic Site

A real feather in the cap of the National Park Service is Steamtown.

SteamTown Locomotive 2421
Great Locomotives of the Past

Steamtown is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Houses a Fantastic collection of steam engines, a round house, and a staff that’s incredible. They are building and working and building and working on these trains and they have an entire shop of men devoted to the maintenance of steam engines. They are working very hard on an anniversary in 2017 to have the steam engines ready, especially a particular model that is well quite rare. The staff is full of storytellers who will talk your ears off all day long if Continue reading Steamtown National Historic Site

Trolley Museum – Scranton PA

Across the parking lot from SteamTown is The Trolley Museum.

The Trolley Museum - Scranton, PA
Museum and more!
The Trolley Museum - Scranton PA
Nice Restored Trolley

It doesn’t exactly have the pizzazz, or pull, or press agents that SteamTown has, however, it is a unique piece of history that the City of Scranton maintains. If you’re coming to the trolley museum and if you’re not careful you can easily miss the last driveway in the parking lot. Next thing you know you’re you’re out of the place and it’s difficult to turn back in order to get back into the parking lot. So be warned. It turns out that if you have been to SteamTown, you may be done for the day, but if you can muster the strength, give the Trolley Museum a visit. It turns out let the trolley
was first a horse-drawn item, and it really enabled people to get around cheaper and easier. Who would have thought? The ability to get across town to do things that they might have been otherwise difficult is, of course, a good service.  The horses do take a certain amount of, let’s say maintenance, and it could be difficult having the people to take care of the horses.
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