Button Museum – Bishopville, SC

The Button Museum
Can You Find it?

While at The Cotton Museum in Bishopville, South Carolina, Button Museum - by Charley Carlin
I asked the man at the counter as I was exiting if their were any other small museums around?

No, he said. I asked if there were any local oddities nearby?

No, he said. Are there any places that are a bit different around here? I asked.
He scratched his head a bit and said there is this guy who stays up all night sewing buttons and he has The Button Museum. How do I get there? I asked. Well go down to the corner, turn right, the right at the second stop sign, then out about 6 miles and. . .  Well who knows where he sent me, but I started driving and searching. I went farther than he said, I turned back, I kept searching, I found a very small sign, I kept driving. Continue reading