The Portal of the Folded Wings

The Portal of the Folded Wings Memorial is located inside a very large cemetery. When you come into the cemetery you must enter from Victory Boulevard and it is quite a long drive around to the far, what I would call, north east corner. It is a beautiful monument that was built about 1925 and was built to represent 14 fallen historical aviators of the era. There are monuments for each of them with their titles. their history, and what’s unique about each one to be honored in such a beautiful Memorial. The accompanying photographs will display this beautiful memorial,  from a what I would call a deco era. It is meant to include all aviators and in front of it has been added a replica of the Columbia space shuttle maybe a one-eighth scale I don’t know  as the real shuttle is pretty big. It is a tribute to the fallen aviators of that tragic event in 2003. I love the drive up to the monument surrounded by pine trees on each side completely covering the roadway. It reminds me of a main street in the town where I grew up. Just thinking of the bravery of some of these early aviators, some of the things they were willing to fly and test is mind boggling.  This gives us memories looking into their works as they contributed to flight as we have it today. Wow do we have flight today? You bet! Hundreds of thousands of people moving every day all over the planet. Aviation and one part of its history is here at the Portal of The Folded Wing Memorial