Top Twelve

Top Twelve or so

Stupid Vacations is proud to share some of our top twelve, or so, give or take a few, favorites with you for inclusion on you next wonderful journey to the places you really wanted to go but might not have known that they existed. These are the ones we tell stories about again and again, much to the amusement of our friends and followers. In fact when I find myself telling a story more that a few times, that is the hidden signal for me to update the lists and rethink the order of things. People often ask what to see, what to visit and where to go  – Well here are some suggestions based upon places we have been. Top Twelve may be a few off one way or the other as nothing is perfect. Some of these places may have changed since our vist. The oddities sometimes just disappear.  Well whether it is the Top Twelve or Ten or Eleven, or Thirteen, it is all for our amusement and hopefully for yours too. Let me know if you find things that are not quite right, or places that I need to visit at

Oddities – Oddities across America. Some are just defying description and are described here.

Small Museums – Those Little Places that are so much fun, and give us such interesting stories to tell.

Large Museums – The Incredible monsters that are so beyond awesome. We all know of some, we all have been to a few, but which one next? This list may help you decide where to go and possibly what to drive past, in search of greater treasures.

National Parks – National Parks are some of the most visited on earth. Lets look at some of Stupid Vacations’ favorites. Everybody has a favorite, or two, or three, or more. As there are hundreds and the list keep growing, three more were added in 2016, the choices are many. I have not been to them all, yet. The beat goes on and so does the travelling.

National Monuments and Memorials – Majestic and historical monuments have a historical pull that can’t be resisted. The pull can get even stronger when one learns some of the back stories. A couple that come to mind are Zachery Taylor being buried four times, or the Attacks on Secretary of State Seward in his own house. Fined these and more at Stupid Vacations,

Missions – Some of our Favorites are the California Missions and Adobes. History and Culture waiting for Discovery. OK I enjoy the history and the culture behind the Missions of the southwest and adobes of the west.

Largest – The Biggest This That or the Other. Do you know where the Longest Mural in the world is located? Everyone has heard of the largest ball of twine, after all it had a full length documentary and a really good press agent.  Now the Jolly Green Giant does not have all that hub bub surrounding him, but he is out there and lots of fun.

Smallest – Some of the smaller drive by, and quick view museums, places and things.