Favorite Small Museums

Our Favorite Small Museums are an almost a random sampling of stops we have made around the country. Some are quite impressive, some are nothing more than small collections from yard sales. Some are well documented and some are in shambles. From our encounters at Stupid Vacations here are some favorites, and a bunch of also ran candidates. The amusement levels are such a personal thing, and often have a lot to do with the staff members. Some hold personal appeal from an earlier memory.  The beauty and humor of these places is in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy and here you go!

Note: This is not meant to be a comprehensive, all inclusive list. It is not a claim to be the world’s best or any such claim to greatness. This list is a fun glimpse into our travels as we wander the United States both on the turnpikes, interstates, back roads, and small towns where one never knows what will be found. Happy hunting for you as well. Drop us a note when you find something interesting.

Favorites Small Museums of Stupid Vacations

Small Museums - New England Carousel Museum
Carousel Stallions
  1. The Button Museum – Bishopville, South Carolina
  2. The Dug Up Gun Museum – Cody, Wyoming
  3. California African American Museum – Los Angeles, California
  4. Forest Lawn Museum – Glendale, California
  5. New England Carousel Museum – Bristol, Connecticut
  6. Point Pinos Lighthouse – Pacific Grove, California
  7. Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Tour – Lousiville, Kentucky
  8. Trolley Museum – Scranton, Pennsylvania
  9. Titan Missle Museum – Sahurita, Arizona
  10. Mimbres Museum – Deming, New Mexico
Doors to Paradise - Forest Lawn Museum - Glendale, CA
Doors to Paradise

Not in the Top Ten – But Still Interesting

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