General Sherman Sequoia

Largest and Smallest

The Largest this that or the other is always out there. Many strive for the records of having the largest, biggest, mostest of something. Here are a few of our favorites. For the oddities that have such great press agents that are around the country, I say enjoy! There are so many choices and places. Here at Stupid Vacations we list oddities that have caught our eye, as well as some of the well known.  These  may not all be in the Guiness Book of World Records but they are amusing for Stupid Vacations. We tell stories about these places and always find them bringing joy.


  1. Jolly Green Giant – Blue Earth Minnesota
  2. Fork in The Road – New York
  3. Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Tour – Louisville, Kentucky
  4. General Sherman Tree – Sequoia National Park, California
  5. Hilmar Cheese Factory – Hilmar, California


Largest Tree on Earth

Largest Fork In the Road - Rhinebeck - New York
Fork in The Road

Not in our Top Ten – But Still Very Interesting

Big Balls of Twine


Smallest Museums are oh so interesting. There have been many encounters with tiny museums, some as small as a single display case. Don’t let that deter the value of such collections and their niche in the world of preservation. Museums here are the one dabinet, one room, or just the tiny collections of who knows what. I know what. What fun!

Ferris Wheel Museum – Sheels Sporting Goods – Sparks, Nevada