These oddities found across the United States of America are of so many sizes, shapes and styles that this category defies an exact definition. The selected group here are not all inclusive or comprehensive, as I don’t think anyone has seen all there is to see. Anyone who tells you they have seen everything will most likely lie to you about other things. As we travels from coast to coast and border to border we will be updating and including what we find. If you find something we should include please drop us a note and a few pictures and we will either include it or maybe we will go there and experience it ourselves. Who knows what might happen. Change is constant and travel will be a trip into the unknown as we locate and verify oddities in so many places across the country.

This list is filtered by watching and listening to the stories we tell to each other, The places we tell stories about more often are the ones rated higher. Sounds simple, but the target is always moving and shifting.

Cabazon Dinosaurs - Stupid Vacations.com
Full Sized Brontosaurus
  1. The Button King – Bishopville, South Carolina – This guy is definitely an oddity.
  2. The Dug Up Gun Museum – Cody, Wyoming – She rolled her eyes and then went wow!
  3. The American Windmill Museum – Yes a museum devoted to windmills and their history. Actually quite interesting.
  4. The History of the World in Granite – Felicity, California – A monumental undertaking for sure.
  5. Jolly Green Giant – Blue Earth, Minnesota – At 53 feet tall he has a story.
  6. Carhenge Monument – Alliance, Nebraska – There are so many copies of stonehenge around the world. In western Nebraska is an interesting creation that has transformed a town into a tourist mecca.
  7. The Fork In The Road – New York – Yes turn at the fork in the road
    Jolly Green Giant - Blue Earth Minnesota
    The Jolly Green Giant

    really means something here.

  8. Bronson Caves – Los Angeles, California – See the original Bat Caver, and a location that has been used in countless movies.,
  9. Telles Family Shrine – Patagonia, Arizona – How to protect your children,
  10. The Chandelier Tree – Los Angeles, California – What a silly idea.
  11. New England Carousel Museum – Bristol, Connecticut – Beautiful carousal animals so lovingly repaired and on display.
  12. Cabazon Dinosaurs – Cabazon, California – See a full sized Brontosaurs and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Amazing story behind this one.

Didn’t make the Top Twelve – But Still Interesting.

  • Infant Jesus Shrine – Hurley, New Mexico
  • The Museum of Clean – Pocatello, Idaho – Imagine a museum about the process of cleaning and the Tools
  • National Atomic Museum – Albuquerque, New Mexico – Yes there is a National Atomic Museum with more information about atomic bombs and their delivery vehicles than you ever needed.
  • World Famous Crocheting Museum – Joshua Tree, California
  • American Green Cross – Glendale, California
  • Titan Missile Museum – Sahurita, Arizona
  • Center for Disease Control Museum – Atlanta, Georgia