Wardholme Torrey Pine - Carpinteria CA

Wardholme Torrey Pine

The Wardholme Torrey pine tree is the most amazing pine I have ever seen. Now I have been to Wardholme torrey Pine - Carpinteria CaliforniaCarpinteria many times and driven past Carpinteria on US 101 hundreds of times, but who would have guesses you could find the Largest Torrey Pine in existence? Really in Carpinteria?

Anet wants coffee and the car wants gas, so we made the standard stop for rest room, coffee and gas. I gassed the car and she found a coffee place across the street. The Lucky Llama. It was just across the street and down a few doors down. She calls me and tells me to come to the big tree and park in the lot.

Wardholme Torrey Pine - Carpinteria California
This Tree is Huge

Proceeding across the street to the Big Tree was all of 100 yards. Wow is this pine HUGE or what. This pine is recognized by big deal arborists to be the largest of its kind. The pine is definitely worth a short stop, a picture. The wow factor is there wit this incredible creation of nature.

Judge Thomas Ward planted this rare and historic tree in 1888 in front of his home. The home is gone however the tree remains. After over 125 years it is an amazing site for those who stop for a few minutes to honor to view this piece of history in Carpinteria. Be sure to enjoy a cup of coffee at the Lucky Lama behind the tree.

Wardholme Torrey Pine and Other Carpinteria History

For further information information about the Wardholme Torrey Pine or other sites of Carpinteria, be sure to visit the Carpinteria Valley Museum of History at 956 Maple Street, across the street and down a half block. Travelers will find the museum is within easy walking distance from the Wardholme Torrey Pine Tree. Admission is free, however your donations are welcomed and appreciated.