Forest Lawn Museum

Forest Lawn Museum

Nestled in Glendale in rolling hills of green, the Forest Lawn Museum has been here since 1906. To say the city has grown up around the Forest Lawn Cemetery would be quite an understatement.

Fabulous Bronze Collection - Forest Lawn Museum
Bronze Collection – Forest Lawn Glendale


Famous Paradise Door Replica - Forest Lawn Museum
Paradise Doors by Michelangelo







There is old city, and older residential surrounding the facility. One might think the only reason to visit Forest Lawn would be a memorial or a funeral. How wrong that would be! On the top of the biggest hill in Forest Lawn Glendale lies a treasure  that is ours to visit for free! Yes, this is one of Los Angeles’ top quality museums and it is available for free. When I first approached the museum, the huge parking lot in front of the museum was almost empty. Oh my, I guess I came on the wrong day or something. To my pleasant surprise the museum was waiting for me with open arms and incredible art.  I love small museums. I love quality museums.

Paradise Doors - Forest Lawn Museum Glendale
Paradise Doors – Incredible

Forest Lawn Museum

This is a small museum and the quality of the art and the presentation of the art is absolutely phenomenal!!! Yes Phenomenal!!! Continue reading Forest Lawn Museum

Telles Family Shrine

Telles Family Shrine
Telles Family Shrine

Telles Family Shrine

After leaving the Tumacacori National Historic Park near Tubac, Arizona (more about that in another post) we turned south on US Highway 19 towards Rio Rico and Nogales eager to use a cutoff tip we had received from the Park Ranger who was ever so polite, helpful, and full of stories.

We caught the cutoff and reconnected to New Mexico Highway 82 towards Patagonia and then on to Benson to get back on to US Highway 10 to continue our jaunt to Anet’s sisters place in Silver City, New Mexico.

As we travel it is our habit to stop and read the roadside historical markers. Continue reading Telles Family Shrine

Center for Disease Control Museum

As many of you know by now I love to find, explore and enjoy odd little museums. Well the Center for Disease Control Museum in Atlanta is one that could take the cake.  The staff or the CDC and it’s history is amazing. The many wonderful things this group has done to improve our planet await you inside. The diseases they have stopped. The places they have gone and the circumstances they have faced will humble most. It would be unthinkable for me to approach problems of this type. They discover, understand and come up with plans to cure and stop disease Continue reading Center for Disease Control Museum

Hilmar Cheese Factory

The Hilmar Cheese Factory is one of those places you just might drive past as you travel up or down the huge central valley of California. As I really enjoy factory tours, I stopped. I had my two boys with me, and they loved it! I mean they really loved to the tour and especially the samples. It was incredible to here them, a few months later. want to go here rather than a big amusement park in southern California. I think that may be due to all the cheese we consume. An I mean Consume.

The Hilmar Cheese Factory is Family Fun

Educational Tours Available

The tour now includes a chance to make ice cream that is very educational. For those of you who would like share the Hilmar experience, listen up, free educational tours. Tours for groups of 10 or more school children can tour for free. This includes the chaperones. What a wonderful deal as the educational effects of the hands on tour can be a lasting memory for a child. I encourage all schools to get the children over to the cheese factory and learn about how it all comes together. What an opportunity.

100 Percent Sustainable

The Hilmar Cheese Factory prides itself on the one hundred percent sustainability of their facility. Their practice of ecology is definitely one to use as a model.

The visitor center has a sandwich bar and deli that is really a gourmet experience. The number of choices and the brilliant friendly environment make The Hilmar Cheese Factory a great lunch stop for all of you working people. The entire facility is family friendly and that is such a plus.

Any way you slice it, melt it, or grate it, the Hilmar Cheese factory is is a must stop for our family.

Fernando Castillo
Fernando Castillo

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